Read some of the testimonies from Trailhead Christian Counseling clients.

We are called to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  We are called to love others as ourselves. And yet. We cannot fulfill either of these commitments if we sabotage ourselves through perception deception.  Whether it is the ghosts of old, insecurities, problematic relationships or destructive thinking, until we are ready to face these barriers, we will never know the magnitude of peace and love God has for us. Through dialogue, peace, prayer, and scripture, my counselor helped peel back layers of habits and behaviors that prevented me from being my best self.  He approached all topics with care, grace and a genuine desire to see the Lord’s purpose for me fulfilled.   As a result, my relationship with God and others is better than it has been in years and my ability to see things from a new perspective has never been more profound.

Regardless of how I feel when I enter a session, great personal joy and accomplishment are discovered when it’s time to leave. In fact, there’s never enough time with him! Through God, a provider/client relationship is formed unlike that of any so-called therapeutic or counseling meetings I’ve experienced. My counselor’s presence, listening skills, depth of scriptural knowledge and sense of humor has exceeded all expectations I had for professional emotional and spiritual care.

My counseling time puts me in the presence of someone who genuinely cares about my well-being. She is so bright, highly empathetic and compassionate. She is understanding, communicates well, and I always feel heard and understood by her when I communicate my thoughts and feelings. She is consistently tactful and finds a way to say the truth, encouraging, perceptive thing without sounding insincere. She encourages, helping me to see the good and the hopeful when I cannot. She never flatters me even when she says the positive things she perceives, and that’s so valuable to me; saying something true, even if it’s hard, without being patronizing or insincere.

This is an incredible blessing to our community! My counselor has really helped me in my personal walk of faith and encouraged me in my marriage like no other counselor I have ever been to. Trailhead Christian Counseling will continue to be my go-to for spiritual and personal tune-ups.

My counselor has been such a blessing to me. My life has changed in so many positive ways since I started meeting with her.  She is incredibly kind, compassionate and a great listener.  But most importantly, she is familiar with God’s Word and she speaks the truth.  I highly recommend Trailhead to anyone looking for an amazing Christian counselor.  Well worth both the time and financial investment.

Very open and easy to talk to. Good Godly advice. I love that God is included in our sessions with prayer at beginning and end and discussion throughout.

We all need help; no one has all the strength and perspective they need alone, all the time. We all need to reach out in the really tough and dark times for help. It’s part of taking good care of oneself. I would always suggest Trailhead.

Counseling with Trailhead Christian Counseling is key to keeping me focused on what is important from day-to-day, long-term and eternally. Having someone I can share my raw self with is a life saver. My counselor’s wisdom is beyond his years as God is with him.